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Member News May 2022

Member News May 2022

Elise Bailey and Lauren Lamonaca are members of the team that received The Daisy Team Award for exceptional devotion to educating the community about geriatric mental health as well as providing outstanding patient care.  A letter from a family member describes their experience,  “You were all very kind and helpful to her and as a family, we were able to sleep at night knowing she was well cared for. Because of your care, she is doing very well in the assisted living she is now in. She is even participating in the daily events and has a very nice group of friends. She is as happy as we have seen her in years.”


Maxwell Sorett

Maxwell Sorett received a Daisy Award after being nominated by a grateful patient who had been previously incarcerated and not accustomed to receiving compassion. He recognized Sorett’s ability to provide hope and a positive outlook on life. “He took the time to explain my medications, the importance of taking my medications and even how these medications work in my body and the sincere need of medications that are prescribed by my doctor.”



Deborah Szatko

Deborah Szatko was honored with a Daisy Award for going above and beyond to improve quality of life for patients. Extra measures include providing personal items such as reading glasses and postage stamps to individuals in her care so they can find moments of joy during their time on the unit. “As she talks about her patients you can see her passion and her dedication to go above and beyond for those that may have difficulty expressing themselves,” declares her nominator.