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Member News November 2022

A Clarksville Online article highlights Leslie Binford for her work to help make access to services like prescribing medication more available on a low-cost, sliding scale. This will be possible using a grant received from Clarksville Montgomery County Community Health Foundation in Clarksville, TN to embed an APSU School of Nursing team in Austin Peay State University’s existing counseling clinic. Learn More
The University of Rhode Island recognizes PhD students Devon Carroll and Somatra Connolly for winning a national award for their study on risky behavior among college students. The study examines the parental provision of alcohol to college students and the impact that has on student binge drinking and other risky behaviors. Learn More
Point of Care Network recognizes Mary Ann Nihart with a 2022 Award for America’s Top NPs for her excellence in practice as a PMH nurse practitioner. Read her bio and more about Mary on POCN’s list of NP Winners. Learn More highlights Megan Simmons in an article speaking to the current demand for PMH nurses needed in the mental health workforce. APNA Immediate Past President Leslie Oleck is also mentioned in the article. Learn More

Member Highlights from the APNA 36th Annual Conference


A Clinical Advisor article, Ketamine and Esketamine for Depression: Lessons Learned in Clinical Practice, highlights Paula Bolton’s presentation, Ketamine Treatment Strategies: 4 Years of Experience in a Clinical Setting, from the APNA 36th Annual Conference to describe the differences between Ketamine and Esketamine, clinical outcomes, clinical pearls, and more. Learn More
An article with Medpage Today recalls Andrew Currivan and Sondra LeiggiBrandon’s presentation from the APNA 36th Annual Conference, A PMHNP-led hospital-based team supporting law enforcement to reduce involuntary transfers to emergency departments, in which the Queen’s Medical Center ED in Honolulu was able to significantly reduce psychiatric admissions by employing a system that reduces involuntary evaluations of individuals. Learn More
Clinical Advisor reviews Rachel Eakley’s poster presentation from the APNA 36th Annual Conference, Patient and provider perspectives concerning the use of psychopharmacology during pregnancy: an integrative review. The poster evaluates the perspectives of clinicians and patients about the use of antidepressants during pregnancy based on an integrative review of articles published between 2011 and 2021. Learn More 
Healio News features Lyons Hardy’s video presentation from the APNA 36th Annual Conference which discussed new ideas on structuring an inpatient psychiatric unit and the potential implementation of outdoor spaces, new furniture, and layouts. Learn More
Medpage Today recalls Lyons Hardy and Erin Ellington’s presentation from the APNA 36th Annual Conference discussing the naming of drugs and confusion among patients for their purpose in treatment. The news item features quotes from both presenters on Neuroscience-based Nomenclature and the approach to improve communication from provider to patient. Learn More
American Psychiatric Nurses Association Medpage Today highlights Jamie Malone’s presentation from the APNA 36th Annual Conference which spoke to the reduction of violence at Allegheny Health Network facilities. Malone’s presentation focuses on new strategies such as emergency response teams, the flagging of violent patients, and crisis intervention training. Learn More
In a Medpage Today article featuring Timothy Meeks’s presentation, Holding up the mirror: Addressing racial disparities and implicit bias in restraint use through targeted interventions, from the APNA 36th Annual Conference, the topic of implicit bias is discussed and explored further, including training in identifying levels of implicit and explicit bias, understanding confirmation bias, use of the Implicit Association Test. Learn More
A Clinical Advisor article features Kate Morris and Carol Essenmacher’s presentation from the APNA 36th Annual Conference speaking on assessments and management for the growing issue of smartphone addiction. Explore the issue further including findings, tools, and more. Learn More
Leslie Oleck Clinical Advisor highlights APNA Immediate Past President Leslie Oleck’s presentation from the APNA 36th Annual Conference which evaluated ways to improve mental health care from funding to education and more. Learn More
Survey results reviewed in Kathy Delaney’s Annual Conference presentation are explored in this Clinical Advisor article highlighting PMH nursing. “The future of our profession… is outlined here and we need to take heed,” said APNA’s Immediate Past President Leslie Oleck in the presentation. Learn More
Medpage Today highlights Donna Rolin’s APNA 36th Annual Conference poster presentation focusing on clinicians’ division on the timing of long-acting injectable antipsychotics, the toll on PMH nurses from the use of restraint on children, and the failure of teen wilderness therapy programs to account for psychiatric medications. Learn More
The University of Nevada, Las Vegas News Page references Andrew Thomas Reyes’s presentation at the APNA 36th Annual Conference. The presentation focused on intervention adherence and PTSD outcomes and was funded by the UNLV Faculty Opportunity Awards (FOA). Learn More