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Telemental Health Articles in the Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association

The below articles are a selection of examples of the peer-reviewed evidence published 2016-March 2021 in JAPNA on telemental health. View the full list of articles available here.

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Johnson, Deborah S.; Ling, Amanda; Melino, Katerina

Exploring Readiness for Teleprecepting in Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Training
Published: 2021-03

Schroeder, Rebecca A.
Adaptation or Revolution: Telemental Health and Advanced Practice Psychiatric Nursing During COVID-19
Published: 2020-11

Dexter, Kimberly A. Bailey
Letter to the Editor: Telepsychiatry as a Solution: A Response to “The Distribution of Advance Practice Nurses Within the Psychiatric Workforce”
Published: 2020-09

Johnson, Kim K.; Bennett Carole; Rochani, Haresh
Significant Improvement of Somatic Symptom Disorder With Brief Psychoeducational Intervention by PMHNP in Primary Care
Published: 2020-09

Finley, Brooke A.; Shea, Kimberly D.; Maixner, Roberta; Slebodnik, Maribeth
Advanced Practice Registered Nurses Using Synchronous Telepsychiatry: An Integrative Systematic Review
Published 2020-07

Beck, Angela J., Page, Cory, Buche, Jessica, Gaiser, Maria
The Distribution of Advanced Practice Nurses Within the Psychiatric Workforce
Published: 2020-01

Finley, Brooke A.
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioners Meeting Rural Mental Health Challenges
Published: 2020-01

Hasselberg, Michael J
The Digital Revolution in Behavioral Health
Published: 2020-01

Kaas, Merrie J.
Will We Be Ready? Preparing Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurses for Future Practice
Published: 2020-01

Stern, Gail R.
APNA Board of Directors Column: High-Tech, High Touch
Published: 2019-09

Tyson, R. Lee; Brammer, Susan; McIntosh, Diana
Telehealth in Psychiatric Nursing Education: Lessons From the Field
Published: 2019-07

Delaney, Kathleen R.; Drew, Barbara L.; Rushton, Amy
Report on the APNA National Psychiatric Mental Health Advanced Practice Registered Nurse Survey
Published: 2019-03

Adams, Susie M.; Rice, Michael J.; Jones, Sara L.; Herzog, Edward; Mackenzie, Lauri John; Oleck, Leslie G.
TeleMental Health: Standards, Reimbursement, and Interstate Practice
Published: 2018-07

Baird, Martha B.; Whitney, Lucinda; Caedo, Cassie E.
Experiences and Attitudes Among Psychiatric Mental Health Advanced Practice Nurses in the Use of Telemental Health: Results of an Online Survey
Published: 2018-05

Evans, Emily C.; Deutsch, Nancy L.; Drake, Emily; Bullock, Linda
Nurse–Patient Interaction as a Treatment for Antepartum Depression: A Mixed-Methods AnalysisFree Contact Hours!
Published: 2017-09

Spahn, Kimberly
Letter to the Editor: A Nurse Practitioner’s View on Telehealth
Published: 2017-05

Vernig, P.M.
Telemental Health: Digital Disruption and the Opportunity to Expand Care
Published: 2016-01