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Nursing Continuing Professional Development

Earn Contact Hours During & After the Conference

You can earn up to 115+ total contact hours with your registration for the APNA 37th Annual Conference. Here’s how:

During the live event (October 4-7), earn up to 27.75 contact hours for attending and evaluating sessions and for time spent viewing and evaluating the poster presentations.

Nursing continuing professional development contact hours are earned based on the sessions attended and evaluations completed. Contact hours are calculated on a 60-minute hour of educational instruction. To receive full credit for a session, you must attend the entire session and complete an online evaluation. Attend the sessions of your choice during the conference, then complete online evaluations and generate your Certificate by the deadline of November 14.

Earn up to 90+ more contact hours at no additional cost with session recordings (available beginning in November/December). Using the APNA eLearning Center, you’ll have access to the PDF handouts, presentations, and NCPD contact hours for the conference sessions you missed. And it’s INCLUDED in your registration fee!

Contact Hours Summary

(For In-Person & Virtual Livestream)

Up to 19.75 Contact Hours
Sessions During the Conference
Up to 4 Contact Hours
Symposia During the Conference
Up to 4 Contact Hours
Posters During the Conference
Up to 90+ Contact Hours
On-Demand After the Conference
Up to 115+ Total Contact Hours
with a Full Conference + Pre-Conferences Registration!

“Having online access to review the many topics after the conference is invaluable.”

– APNA Annual Conference Attendee


Pharmacology Contact Hours

Pharmacology Contact Hours are pending. The following sessions may be eligible for pharmacology contact hours:

  • Wednesday Pre-Conference Sessions (Additional Fee):
    • 1012: Practice (2)
    • 1017: Psychopharmacology (2)
    • 1027: Psychopharmacology (1 of 2 total)
    • 1037: Psychopharmacology (2)
    • 1047: Psychopharmacology (2)
  • Thursday Concurrent Sessions:
    • 2011: Treatment Approaches (0.75)
    • 2021: Treatment Approaches (0.5 of 0.75)
  • Friday Concurrent Sessions:
    • 3045: Substance Use (0.75)
    • 3055: Substance Use (0.75)
  • Saturday Concurrent Sessions:

    • 4021: Psychopharmacology Perspectives (0.75)
    • 4031: Psychopharmacology Perspectives (0.75)

Conference Learning Outcomes

This conference program has been developed through a call for abstracts and peer review process informed by the conference theme and learning outcomes below. By the end of the conference, the learner will be able to:

  • Identify strategies to integrate Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, Access, and de-Stigmatization (IDEAS) in mental health and substance use disorder settings.
  • Advance psychiatric-mental health nursing by applying Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, Access, and de-Stigmatization across administration, education, practice, and research

Online Evaluations & Certificate

To earn contact hours for sessions you attend during the live event, you will complete online evaluations. Options for completing your online evaluations include:

After evaluating the sessions you attended you’ll complete the Overall Evaluation, which will unlock your Certificate. Your Certificate will be pre-populated with your information and contact hours earned. You can email it, save a PDF to your computer, or print it.

Evaluations Deadline: November 14


Session Recordings

The conference registration fee includes access to session recordings and updated handouts via the APNA eLearning Center. In November/December, you will receive an email with detailed instructions on how to order these sessions for free. You will be able to listen to each session directly on the site.

If you did not attend the session during the live event, you will be able to come back to your account on the APNA eLearning Center to view the entire session, enter the Certificate code, and complete the post test and evaluation. Your Certificate for each session will be generated with your name and address information already included!

The American Psychiatric Nurses Association is accredited as a provider of nursing continuing professional development by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.