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Poster Judging

Thank you for volunteering as a poster judge for the APNA Annual Conference! To help you get going, here is a walkthrough to help you use this site to review your assigned posters. Remember, all of your assigned reviews must be completed by Tuesday, September 12.

CLICK HERE to log in to the APNA Review Site.

You will use the same login you used for previous reviews or submitting an abstract. If you do not know this information, please contact

Login button

Completing Your Reviews

From the My Dashboard screen, click the blue Program Materials Submission link under My Reviews.

Program Materials Submission Link

Here, you can see a list of your assigned posters. On the right hand of the screen you will also find important dates for this process. To review and score the poster, click the blue link of your first poster under the Presenter column.

List of assigned reviews

You will be taken to your first poster review. On the right side of the screen you will see an overview of the poster. At the bottom of this overview, click the URL under Poster Handout Uploads to be taken to your poster. Please do not share this link with anyone else.

Poster Link

On the left side of the screen you will see your review form. The first tab, Merit, lists the criteria for each kind of poster: either A/E/P (Administration/Education/Practice) or R (Research). Note that the review questions are broken up into 4 tabs. As you complete each tab and hit save, a green check mark will appear by it. The total score listed for the application above the review form and on your My Reviews page will also update. This total score is what will ultimately be used to rank and select poster award winners.

Merit Tab

Review the application, using the internal scroll bar on the right of your screen to read through the entire submission.

A quick note about saving: We recommend clicking Save as often as possible to make sure that your progress is saved and that the total score for the application is updated. When you click save, a popup message below will display. Click close, then click the next tab at the top of the review form. You can log out at any time and the re-log in to continue your reviews where you left off provided that you save your progress.

Save Message

Complete each tab based on the poster by selecting ratings for each item. As you complete each tab, a green check box will now appear on this tab and the Total score above the review form will update.

Completed Tabs

In the final Comments tab, enter any comments you have about the poster, then click Save.


Hit the Return button at the top of the screen to return to your list of assigned posters.


Your Review List

Here you will see that this poster is now has a YES under the Complete? column of your assigned posters. You will also see the total score you gave this application in the Total column. You can edit your review at any time before you submit your final reviews by clicking on the presentation number.

To begin your next review, click on the next presentation number. When all of your reviews are complete, press the Submit FINAL Reviews button on your My Reviews page. Please remember to press this button on or before the review deadline of September 5.

Submit Final Reviews

Need help or have questions? Contact us at 855-863-2762 or

Complete Reviews