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Award For Excellence In Leadership – RN

The APNA Award for Excellence in Leadership – RN recognizes an APNA member who demonstrates unique leadership qualities through significant contributions to an organization, a community, the psychiatric-mental health nursing specialty or the nursing profession. The individual must have been a member of APNA for at least two years.


  1. Shows evidence of participating in the improvement of organizational performance to positively impact patient care in work settings and organizational settings (local, state and/or national levels).
  2. Shows evidence of continuously improving his/her skills and knowledge base through a variety of self-enhancement activities.
  3. Shows evidence of mentoring others in their development as psychiatric-mental health nurses by example and teaching peers and other health care workers in work settings and organizational settings.
  4. Shows evidence of participating in political activities associated with psychiatric-mental health issues.


  • Click here and log in with your APNA username and password.
  • On the My Applications screen, select APNA Annual Awards from the dropdown menu and then press the Launch Application button. (If you do not see the dropdown menu, please click My Applications in your navigation.)
  • Complete the online nomination form.
    • Use the tabs to navigate through each section of the form and remember to hit the Save as draft button as you go.
    • When completing the form, be sure to include specific examples of how the nominee has achieved excellence in his/her practice, what makes the nominee stand out in the profession, and what the nominee has accomplished that meets the criteria.
  • Find a reference to complete the form.
    • On the reference tab of your nomination submission, enter a contact’s name and email address to generate an email that will include a link to submit their reference.
    • In order to be considered, each nomination must have both a nominator and a reference.
  • Once your nomination is complete, press the Submit Final Nomination button.

Past Recipients: 2019 – Brynne Delaney Calleran  |  2018 – LCDR Jacqueline Lopez  |  2017 – Marybeth McManus  2016 – Kristen Kichefski   2015 – Diane Allen  |  2014 – Michele Moreau  |  2013 – Judy Linn  |  2012 – Anne Kelly  |  More