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APNA Utah Chapter


Any APNA member who resides in Utah is automatically a member of the Utah Chapter. If you are interested in joining or renewing your membership, please see the Membership tab on APNA’s home page for more information about the application process and dues.

If you are not receiving information via e-mail from the chapter, please contact with your updated contact information. We want to be sure our members receive the information they need to benefit fully from their chapter membership!

Governance Policies

Utah Governance Policies

Three Areas of Focus

  1. Community – We seek connections with each other to share and support as we strive to deliver excellent care. Therefore, we will connect and communicate through APNA’s Member Bridge, email lists and planned networking during events.
  2. Resource – We seek to continually improve our knowledge base as we endeavor to keep current with evidenced based practice. Therefore, we will offer resources of value to psychiatric nurses of all levels as we organize speaker events, conferences and continuing education opportunities.
  3. Advocacy – We seek to advocate for ourselves as psychiatric nurses, for our profession and for those we serve. Therefore, we will collaborate with others in the Mental Health arena to improve services and access to Mental Health care and we will offer a collective Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse voice at the tables where decisions are made concerning Mental Health Services, Psychiatric Nurses and Psychiatric Nursing.