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Selecting Conference Locations

APNA uses a variety of criteria to evaluate and select locations for its conferences. These include:

  • Dates the venue has available to determine convenience for the majority of APNA members and avoidance of major holidays as possible
  • Airport facility and access from the airport to the hotels
  • Access from hotels to meeting space
  • Flow of meeting space
  • Quality of hotels and meeting space
  • Safety and walkability of the surrounding area
  • Nearby restaurants, shopping and attractions
  • Financial factors such as room rates, food and beverage minimums, and meeting space rental
  • Number of members within a 500 mile radius of the location
  • Average airfare from 16 major cities to the destination
  • Average number of plane stops required to get to the destination (non-stop flights vs 1-stop flights)
  • Distance from the airport to the destination
  • Crime rankings
  • Average weather at time of event

For the APNA Annual Conference, further considerations include:

  • Rotating geographic regions to provide an accessible conference to the majority of the membership, touching as much of the membership base as possible
  • Location population density and attendance from prior conferences held within a similar geographic region
  • Attendee budgets and typical hotel rates, minimums, and ancillary costs that are standard in potential cities