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A Little Help from My Friends

A Little Help from My Friends

Throughout another year influenced by the pandemic, the APNA community has been an oasis of social connection, practical nursing wisdom, and professional inspiration for me and so many others. I’m grateful for this year serving as APNA President and all that we have accomplished together. As I think back on this past year, I hear Ringo singing, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” We did more than just get by – we got going!

We relished time together in person at the APNA 20th Annual Clinical Psychopharmacology Institute in Reston, VA, learning, trading best-practices, and even letting off some steam. Virtual and actual hugs were shared as we convened online and in-the-room simultaneously. A first for APNA!

We left our mark about who PMH nurses are, what we do, and what we need. With new publications like the 3rd Edition of the Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Scope & Standards and the APNA 2022 Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Workforce Report we have support for clinical practice, administration, education, and research and a record of the many ways PMH nurses are making a difference in the mental health and well-being of diverse populations. What phenomenal leaders we have in this organization!

And now we are anticipating a super-sized experience in Long Beach, CA this October or virtually. As we gather to problem-solve with sessions selected by your fellow PMH nurses, recognize our remarkable colleagues, and have some fun, I’ll be filled with pride for our APNA Community. We help each other do much more than simply “get by” — we stretch, adapt, innovate, and get going to improve mental health nationwide as only we can.

I deeply appreciate the opportunity and the honor to lead this amazing organization. You all have been my “people” for over 20 years. Thank you, APNA colleagues, it has been my privilege to serve as your President.

Leslie G. Oleck