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Announcing the 2022 APNA Annual Awards Recipients

Announcing the 2022 APNA Annual Awards Recipients

Congratulations to these exceptional psychiatric-mental health nurses!


APNA Psychiatric Nurse of the Year

“Dr. Shea’s integrated care accomplishments provide enduring potential to further expand mental health care in new venues at a time when this is a recognized need nationally.”

Gail Stern, MSN, RN, PMHCNS-BC

APNA Award for Distinguished Service

“She was able to advance her message that psychiatric nursing is about the care of the whole person, with nurses bringing much needed emotional comfort to individuals.”

David Foley, PhD, MSN, RN, CNE, MPA

APNA Award for Excellence in Education

“His leadership has impacted curriculum, pedagogy and understanding of psych-mental health nursing, especially to empower new nurses to function at the widest scope their practice will allow.”


APNA Award for Excellence in Leadership – APRN

“She developed policies and established the NP functions which greatly bridged the gap created by the lack of psychiatrists during that time, therefore reducing wait time and improving access to mental health care by 100%.”

Donna Ecklesdafer, MSN, RN

APNA Award for Excellence in Leadership – RN

“She is known by many for her kind and fun spirit, creating a positive work environment that leads to excellent patient care experiences.”

Kristen Bomboy, DNP, APRN-CNP, PMHNP

APNA Award for Excellence in Practice – APRN

“Kristen’s commitment to improving the assessment and management of metabolic derangements in patients with serious, chronic, mental illness has made a significant impact on her practice and the practice of her peers.”

Sarret Seng, RN, BSN, BA

APNA Award for Excellence in Practice – RN

“…To positively impact patient care in the work setting and
organizational setting, she was involved in several projects to enhance engagement in smoking cessation among patients…”

Mercy Ngosa Mumba, PhD, RN, CMSRN, FAAN

APNA Award for Excellence in Research

“Her program of research focuses on the integration of care models among treatment facilities, clinicians, community-based support services, peer mentors, professional counselors, and patients – creating a supported ecosystem of treating OUD.”

Each APNA Annual Award recipient will be honored at the APNA 36th Annual Conference in Long Beach, California, October 19-22, and in online communications throughout the year. Profiles of each of these outstanding nurses will be shared soon.

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