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Call for Comments

APNA members are invited to comment on the National Commission to Address Racism in Nursing’s Foundational Report. You can also help shape the response from APNA, the unifying voice for psychiatric-mental health nursing, by sharing your comments with us! Here’s how:

Review the the parts of the report for which you would like to provide input:
The History of Racism in Nursing
Systemic Racism in a Contemporary Society
Racism in Nursing: Education
Racism in Nursing: Practice
Racism in Nursing: Research
Racism in Nursing: Policy

Share your comments:
(These documents have not yet been copyedited, so no need to submit corrections for grammar, spelling, etc.)
Submit your comments to the commission by February 14
Email a copy of your comments to APNA by February 10

The APNA Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Advisory Committee is also reviewing this document and will provide comments to inform the APNA organizational response.

The National Commission to Address Racism in Nursing is a coalition of nursing organizations examining the issue of racism within nursing to describe its impact on nurses, patients, communities, and health care systems and motivate all nurses to confront systemic racism. This report aims to set a common understanding of aspects of racism within the profession from a historical and contemporary point of view, as well as look into racism across nursing education, practice, policy, and research.