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First APNA Report on PMH Nursing Workforce Now Available

First APNA Report on PMH Nursing Workforce Now Available

PMH Nursing Workforce: Access the APNA Report
This report, the first of a series of publications on the PMH Nursing Workforce, summarizes data collected through the APNA Workforce Survey. This survey was the first of its kind to gather comprehensive data on PMH-RNs and PMH-APRNs across the U.S. Created by the APNA Workforce Task Force and approved by the APNA Board of Directors, this initial report provides insights into respondents’ demographics, education, employment characteristics, and earnings.

Accurate and comprehensive PMH nursing workforce data is necessary to inform workforce projections and guide policy in expanding access to psychiatric-mental health care. Please share this report with your network—it is available to be used and cited by anyone with an interest in the PMH nursing workforce!

Read more and download report.

The APNA Board of Directors expresses its sincere gratitude to the APNA Workforce Task Force for their ongoing work in this area!

About the APNA PMH Nursing Workforce Initiative

  • With historically little data available on the characteristics of the PMH nursing workforce, in 2018 the APNA Board of Directors created and charged the APNA Workforce Task Force with developing a PMH Nursing workforce survey and analyzing its results.
  • Following the task force’s systematic creation of a survey, APNA disseminated this survey in late 2020 through early 2021 to PMH-RNs and PMH-APRNs who were in its database and/or certified by ANCC.
  • This workforce report represents the first of several publications based on this data. Next up: A discussion paper in JAPNA on the implications of survey results, as well as a document to inform the public and stakeholders.
  • A multi-tiered public relations campaign will follow to communicate this information to interprofessional colleagues, mental health consumers, and stakeholders in mental health workforce policy.