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For PMH Nurses Today and Beyond – Updated Scope & Standards

For PMH Nurses Today and Beyond – Updated Scope & Standards

After eight years of advancements since the 2014 publication, the newest edition of this essential guideline for psychiatric-mental health nurses will become available this June. Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice, Third Edition is more reflective of your current nursing reality with updates focused on:

  • Expanded focus on population health, the social determinants of health/mental health, and inclusion of these factors in PMH nursing assessment
  • Expanded review of disparities/inequities in PMH care
  • Recognition of substance use disorders as psychiatric disorders and the need for all PMH nurses to be competent in providing the full range of care
  • Identification of new/expanded roles for PMH RNs/APRNs (e.g. integrated care, telehealth care)
  • Completely updated references and glossary terms
  • Creation of a PMH Nursing timeline graphic from 1882-2020

This updated edition has the potential to impact legal and statutory barriers to full scope of practice at state and national levels. It is a testament to the past, present, and future of PMH nursing practice and will be a trusted resource to guide your work.

More details about APNA member ebook access and ordering print copies coming soon. Meanwhile, members can take advantage of a Nurses and Mental Health month gift — this session — which provides an overview of the changes and .75 contact hours available!