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Jan/Feb Special Issue of JAPNA Now Available

Jan/Feb Special Issue of JAPNA Now Available

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This special issue on Substance Use Disorders, guest-edited by APNA Addictions Council Co-Chairs Laura Leahy and Susan Caverly, features:

  • Editorial: “COVID-19: Changing the Landscape of Substance Use,” Laura G. Leahy and Susan E. Caverly
  • Continuing Education: “Addressing Bias and Stigma in the Language We Use With Persons With Opioid Use Disorder: A Narrative Review,” Karen Werder, Alexa Curtis, Stephanie Reynolds, and Jason Satterfield
  • Review Article: “Developing Competency-Based Nursing Treatment for Persons With Tobacco Use Disorder,” Carol Essenmacher, Carolyn Baird, Julia Houfek, M. Rene Spielmann, and Sara Adams
  • Review Article: “Factors That Influence Substance Use Among American Indian/Alaskan Native Youth: A Systematic Mixed Studies Review,” Cedric Woods, BoRam Kim, Kristine Guo, Tuyet Nyguen, Sarin Taplayan, and Teri Aronowitz
  • Original Research: “Opioid Use Treatment and Recovery Services During Pregnancy,” Loralie M. Woods and Cynthia D. Connelly
  • Original Research: “Empowering Nurses: Communicating Potential Medication Misuse,” Kelly A. Carlson and Corey E. Potter
  • Original Research: “Identifying the Assumptions and Bias That Affect Screening and Brief Interventions for Harmful Alcohol Use,” Brenda Johnston
  • Discussion Paper: “Medical Cannabis and Psychiatric Disorders: Implications for Psychiatric Nurses,” Carla J. Groh
  • APNA Board of Directors’ Column: “Activate Your Voice by Educating: At the Dog Park?” Leslie Oleck

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