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My PMH Nurse Luminary helped found APNA

My PMH Nurse Luminary helped found APNA
Wailua Brandman & Grayce Sills

In this installment of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Luminaries, APNA member Wailua Brandman, APRN, PMHCNS/NP-BC, FAANP shares how a colleague of Hildegard Peplau is his luminary.

My PMH Nurse Luminary is…
Grayce Sills

My PMH Nurse Luminary demonstrates wisdom and/or vision in…
As a founder of APNA, former Editor of JAPNA, and inspirational speaker sharing stories of her friend and colleague Hildy Peplau, we bonded over my stories of my friend and colleague, Virginia Henderson.

My PMH Nurse Luminary embodies the spirit of psychiatric-mental health nursing because …
She continued to support psychiatric nursing until her passing through the portal of life and death. She inspired many through her affiliation with The Ohio State University and through APNA and ISPN.

The PMH nurses who would most benefit from my PMH Nurse Luminary’s wisdom are…
Her wisdom and activism for psychiatric nursing benefits both young and old nursing professionals.

Additional comments:
There are so many I consider luminaries, e.g., Donna Diers, Magretta Styles, Judith Krauss, Florence Wald, Karen Babich, Carol Shea and many others in the profession have inspired me to contribute to the advancement of my profession.

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