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September 2021 President’s Message

September 2021 President’s Message

We didn’t choose PMH nursing because we thought it would be easy – I suspect most of us entered this profession with the hope that we could make things better for others. And we do.

As the pandemic wears on, you have been on my mind. Many of the problems we are encountering are deeply challenging. But we are up to that challenge. We are finding constructive solutions. We are learning new ways of doing things. We are making things better.

I hope you are able to attend the virtual APNA Annual Conference this October 13-16. We need to celebrate our successes, share our experiences and lessons learned, and get inspired by emerging opportunities to revolutionize care. We strengthen our skills by learning from each other.

Whether or not I see you at the conference, I hope that you are taking care of yourself. And I hope that you will remember this: Whether clinicians, teachers, researchers, or administrators, we are all nurse scientists who make things better for others every day.

All my best,




Matthew Tierney, MS, CNS, ANP, PMHNP, FAAN