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She Went To Work

She Went To Work

This poem, by APNA member Karen Adams, DNP, RN, was written in memory of June Onkundi, MSN, RN PMHNP-BC.

She went to work
on that cool Tuesday morning,
displaying her ritualistic loving goodbyes with her four children and devoted husband.

She went to work
committed to making a difference in the lives of our nations’ most underserved.
She gave so much of herself to help so many hurting humans.

She went to work
with her years of nursing experience and enthusiasm in tow
to advance mental health awareness.

She went to work
excited about her professional nursing goal of beginning her
DNP program in January 2023.
She gave so much on this Tuesday morning in October.

She went to work
cultivating hope to those without it,
extending her commitment to the care of others,
giving of herself; locally and globally.

She went to work
to truly convey kindness
to make an impact
to give back selflessly
to be a part of a professional healthcare team
to be a Nurse.

She went to work
expecting to see her family at the end of the day,
never intending on this day being her last.

She went to work
as she had so many days, months and years before
giving comfort to those who often suffer alone,
emotionally, physically and spiritually.

She went to work
and encountered a patient with a very disturbing past
of violence towards women,
not knowing she would be his next target
of untreated and misdirected aggression.

She went to work
and made the ultimate sacrifice that Tuesday morning.

She went to work
knowing that nursing was her self-proclaimed calling in life.

She did not go to work
Intending to never see her family again
to never help another patient
to not complete her professional and personal goals.

Instead, on Tuesday, October 18, 2022
she became a statistic of workplace violence because
She went to work.

In memoriam of June Onkundi MSN, RN, PMH-NP
Nurse Advocate
Victim of WPV

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