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Updated APNA Staffing Inpatient Psychiatric Units Position Now Available

Updated APNA Staffing Inpatient Psychiatric Units Position Now Available

September 2023

Quality inpatient psychiatric care depends on sufficient staffing levels, as well as teams of staff with particular expertise and capabilities. APNA’s position, outlined in the updated position paper Staffing Inpatient Psychiatric Units, is that when PMH nurse staffing is appropriate, adverse events decline and overall outcomes improve, including cost outcomes.

This updated position supports what current research shows: There is no evidence to support a universal method to determine staffing needs. Instead, the paper outlines a participatory process for inpatient psychiatric unit staffing and provides concrete recommendations to guide current and future staffing practices.

Read the Executive Summary, then explore the complete paper, recently published in The Journal of the American Psychiatric Nurses Association.

An APNA task force reviewed current staffing research to revise and update the 2011 APNA Staffing Inpatient Psychiatric Units position paper. This was recently approved by the Board to empower PMH nurses as they champion the staffing needs of inpatient psychiatric units.

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