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Winning Ideas!

Three first-place posters from the APNA 37th Annual Conference offer a variety of PMH nursing insights. Watch this space next month to discover more offerings that claimed top spots in the categories of administration, education, practice, research, and student.


Joseph Zimmerman, MSN, RN, CNL, CPPS

Workplace Violence and Safety: Reducing Injuries in the Psychiatric Hospital:

Creating safety measures and training protocols can effectively mitigate workplace injuries. Ensuring unit and hospital leadership specific to workplace safety issues is vital in supporting staff after incidents, promoting well-being and morale, and can lead to a significant reduction of injuries in the psychiatric hospital setting.




Toddra Liddell, MSN, FNP-C, PMHNP-BC

Management of Co-morbid Mental Health Disorders in ESRD Patients:

Depression and anxiety are common in vulnerable End-Stage Renal Disease patients and often go undiagnosed. Including a psychiatric-mental health advanced practice nurse as a member of the dialysis clinic health care team who can evaluate and promote timely access to psychiatric assessment, treatment, and care coordination will aid in the management of co-morbid mental health disorders in ERSD patients.




Alina Haines-Delmont, PhD, MSc, BA; Tella Lantta, RN, PhD; Joy Duxbury, RN, DNPHow to Reduce the Use of Restrictive Practices on Adults with Learning Disabilities in Psychiatric/Specialist Settings:

In the current nurse shortage environment, it is critical to build awareness that high levels of conflict in hospital settings foster an overuse of restrictive practices, high staff turnover, stress, and burnout. PMH nurses need to be aware of evidence-based practice regarding ways in which the use of restrictive practices can be avoided.