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Abstract Submitter Toolkit: Presenters & Authors

Submitter Toolkit: Presenters & Authors

It is common for multiple authors to be included in abstract submissions. Each author listed on the submission, regardless of whether or not they will be presenting, must provide:

Biographical information including credentials and educational background
Recording and abstract publication release forms
Disclosure statement

Primary Presenter vs. Presenting Authors vs. Authors Not Presenting

Each author involved in the development of the abstract submission must be listed and will fall into one of three categories:

Primary Presenter

This is the presenter whose contact information is entered first and to whom email communications/notifications about the abstract will be sent. If the abstract is accepted for presentation, this presenter must register for and attend the APNA Annual Conference. For the purposes of abstract submission, there can only be ONE primary presenter.

Registration: A conference registration is required to present at the conference. For pre-conference sessions, the primary presenter will receive a $200 discount on registration. For concurrent sessions, mini concurrent sessions, and poster presentations, one presenting author will receive a $100 discount on registration. This is most commonly the primary presenter. Primary presenters must register by the Early Bird Deadline of August 30th.
Listing: If an abstract is accepted for presentation, the primary presenter’s name will be included and listed first wherever the abstract is listed (registration brochure, website, abstract presenter listing, program book, etc.). This will vary based on whether the presentation is a podium or poster presentation.

Presenting Author(s)

This is anyone who will attend the conference to co-present. Presenting authors must also register for the conference by August 30th.

Registration: A conference registration is required to present at the conference. If the discount code associated with the presentation is to be used by a co-presenter instead of the primary presenter, the primary presenter will need to communicate with APNA to request that a discount code be sent to that presenting author. Note that the discount is only valid for ONE presenter per session. In order to receive the discount, registration must be completed by August 30th.
Listing: For podium presentations, presenting authors will be listed in conference materials (registration brochure, website, abstract, conference program book, etc.) as presenters for that session. For poster presentations, presenting authors will be listed as presenters for the poster in the onsite conference program book and in the full abstract in the Online Poster Gallery.

Authors, not Presenting

This is anyone who contributed to the development of the content but who will not be presenting the session/poster.

Registration: Only required if the author plans to attend the APNA Annual Conference, in which case the author should be entered as a presenting author, so that his/her name can be listed with the presentation.
Listing: For both oral and poster presentations, this person will be listed with the full abstracts online but will not be listed in the conference materials.