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Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Resources

A collection of resources curated for psychiatric-mental health nurses: From toolkits to graduate school listings, the APNA Resource Center is your first access point for information on topics across the spectrum of psychiatric-mental health nursing.

Scroll down to browse through the resources, filter the resource library down to a specific topic by selecting one of the topics, or simply use the search bar to search by keyword.

Substance UseData & Statistics

Office of National Drug Control Policy

The White House's Office of National Drug Control Policy has collected national data on drug use and reported on that data for 2020.
Substance UseData & Statistics

National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services

SAMHSA point-prevalence survey conducted annually. Provides data on substance abuse treatment facilities and their clients throughout the US.
Substance UseData & Statistics

SAMHSA National Survey on Drug Use & Health

Results of an annual national survey on the prevalence, patterns, and consequences of alcohol, tobacco, and illegal substance use in individuals age 12 and older.
Substance UseData & Statistics

National Institute on Drug Abuse Trends & Statistics

Resources covering the prevalence and trends regarding drug abuse in the US, including information on drug usage, emergency room data, prevention and treatment programs, and more.
Substance UseData & Statistics

The National Drug Early Warning System

NDEWS monitors emerging drug use trends to enable health experts, researchers, and concerned citizens across the country to respond quickly to potential outbreaks of illicit drugs and to identify increased
Substance UseData & Statistics

Fast Stats on Illegal Drug Use

The CDC's FastStats on Illegal Drug Use includes morbidity and mortality data and prevalence of drug usage.
Substance UseData & Statistics

Drug Enforcement Administration

The DEA provides national illegal drug seizure data presented in the context of other drug epidemiology.