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Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Resources

A collection of resources curated for psychiatric-mental health nurses: From toolkits to graduate school listings, the APNA Resource Center is your first access point for information on topics across the spectrum of psychiatric-mental health nursing.

Scroll down to browse through the resources, filter the resource library down to a specific topic by selecting one of the topics, or simply use the search bar to search by keyword.

Military, Veterans, & Their Families

Assessment and Treatment of Sleep Problems in PTSD – Background

A course that focuses on sleep disturbance, one of the most common issues for individuals with PTSD.
Military, Veterans, & Their Families

PTSD and Dementia

One in a series of courses designed to address key areas related to PTSD that impact service members and veterans.

Prescribing for Older Veterans with PTSD

An overview of best practices for prescribing to older veterans with PTSD.
Military, Veterans, & Their Families

PTSD 101: PTSD and Reintegration Challenges

A training on the process of individuals with PTSD transitioning from a combat deployment to home life.
Military, Veterans, & Their Families

About Face

Features videos of Veterans sharing their stories, info about PTSD and treatment options. Helps clinicians achieve a better understanding regarding the ambivalence that characterizes most treatment-seeking behavior and helps
Military, Veterans, & Their Families

Dispelling Myths about PTSD

Five myths about PTSD and facts to disprove them from DCoE - particularly geared toward service members, veterans, and their families.
Military, Veterans, & Their Families

Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center

TBI clinical tools and patient education fact sheets to help service members, veterans, family members and health care providers.

Research Updates

Research updates from on all current research regarding TBI, from cognitive symptoms to brain injury rehabilitation.
Military, Veterans, & Their Families

TBI Treatment

Covers treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury, from the treatment continuum, to programs, to medications, to alternative medicines - from the Brain Injury Association of America.
Military, Veterans, & Their Families

Provides military-specific information and resources on traumatic brain injury to veterans, service members in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, National Guard, Reserve, and their families
Military, Veterans, & Their Families

Brain Injury FAQs

Answers to questions frequently asked by those living with Traumatic Brain Injury, from the Brain Injury Association of America.
Military, Veterans, & Their Families

Resource Directory

Interactive map that locates military traumatic brain injury services by city, state, or zip code - from