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Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Resources

A collection of resources curated for psychiatric-mental health nurses: From toolkits to graduate school listings, the APNA Resource Center is your first access point for information on topics across the spectrum of psychiatric-mental health nursing.

Scroll down to browse through the resources, filter the resource library down to a specific topic by selecting one of the topics, or simply use the search bar to search by keyword.

Substance UseTobacco & Nicotine

Enhance Your State’s Tobacco Cessation Efforts Among the Behavioral Health Population

This pdf is a Smoking Cessation Leadership Center (SAMHSA supported) resource for building science-driven efforts to facilitate improved treatment and outcomes.
Substance UseTobacco & Nicotine

Hooked on Nicotine Checklist (HONC)

An alternative assessment tool that can be used to assess teen tobacco use as their patterns of tobacco use differ greatly from adults.
Substance UseTobacco & Nicotine

Tobacco Use Prevention & Cessation Counseling Coding Reference

2017 coding reference from the American Academy of Family Physicians for tobacco use prevention and cessation counseling.
Substance UseTobacco & Nicotine

Billing Guide Addendum for Behavioral Health

September 2019 billing guide addendum for behavioral health from the American Lung Association.
Substance UseTobacco & Nicotine

Billing Guide for Tobacco Screening & Cessation

From the American Lung Association, a June 2018 billing guide for tobacco screening and cessation.
Substance UseTobacco & Nicotine

Smoking Cessation: Past, Present, and Future

CDC Public Health Grand Rounds online course with CE/CNE available.
Substance UseTobacco & Nicotine

Rx for Change: Clinician Assisted Tobacco Cessation

A comprehensive tobacco cessation training program that equips health professional students and practicing clinicians, of all disciplines, with evidence-based knowledge and skills for assisting patients with quitting.
Substance UseTobacco & Nicotine

Tobacco Smoking Cessation in Adults: Behavioral and Pharmacotherapy Interventions

The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) 2015 recommendations about the effectiveness of tobacco smoking cessation services for patients without related signs or symptoms.
Substance UseTobacco & Nicotine

APNA Nursing Competencies for Treating Tobacco Use Disorders

TUD competencies that are consistent with the nursing scope of practice.
Substance UseTobacco & Nicotine

PMH Nursing Smoking Cessation Initiatives

In 2014, APNA partnered with the Smoking Cessation Leadership Center to support psychiatric-mental health nurses' innovative strategies aimed at decreasing tobacco use in persons with mental health and/or
Substance UseTobacco & Nicotine

AAP Downloadable PowerPoint Presentations

From the American Academy of Pediatrics, Julius B. Richmond Center for Excellence, free downloadable power point presentations on a wide variety of topics - electronic cigarettes, overview of 2014 Surgeon General
Substance UseTobacco & Nicotine

Report: Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems

2014 report given at the Conference of the Parties to the WHJO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. This document by WHO to examines emerging evidence on the health impacts of