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2023 APNA Secretary’s Report

Dear Colleagues,

Evelyn Perkins, APNA Board Secretary

Evelyn Perkins, Secretary, APNA Board of Directors

As the Secretary for the APNA Board of Directors, I am pleased to provide you with this annual update on our membership and communications during the past year.

The APNA Secretary is responsible for corporate records and taking minutes during official meetings of the APNA Board of Directors. During the past year, the APNA Board of Directors conducted meetings on October 18, 2022; November 9, 2022; December 13, 2022; January 10, 2023; February 16-17, 2023; March 14, 2023; April 11, 2023; May 9, 2023; June 5-6, 2023; July 11, 2023; August 8, 2023; and September 12, 2023.

I’m happy to report that membership continues to grow. Our current membership is up 3.65% over last year and we gain approximately 14.2 new members each day. Our renewal rate is 90% and the average tenure of a member is 9.64 years.

APNA volunteers contributed their leadership and expertise to a host of new and updated resources released this year, including:

Your resource for online continuing nursing education, the APNA eLearning Center, continues to grow in scope and reach. 456 sessions are available to access online, with 551 total contact hours. APNA has offered more than 70 on-demand educational sessions with contact hours for free to members this year.

Member Bridge, APNA’s community site, offers a place for member connection and collaboration. The community has more than 133,000 resources and posts shared by members. It serves as an always growing and evolving source for the collective wisdom, experiences, and concerns shared by PMH nurses.

APNA also continues to utilize a broad range of communication platforms (email, social media, surface mail, public relations outreach, and more) to disseminate information, updates, and boost the visibility of the association and psychiatric-mental health nursing profession.

Thank you for all you do and for being a member of your association of professionals. This year’s achievements are collective efforts reflecting the depth of dedication and expertise found within the membership.

Respectfully submitted,

Evelyn Perkins, MS, RN, PMH-BC, NE-BC
American Psychiatric Nurses Association