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Online Evaluations & Certificate

To earn contact hours for sessions you attend during the live event, you will complete online evaluations. Options for completing your online evaluations include: in real-time as you go or at your convenience by November 14.

After evaluating the sessions you attended you’ll complete the Overall Evaluation, which will unlock your Certificate. Your Certificate will be pre-populated with your information and contact hours earned. You can email it, save a PDF to your computer, or print it.

Evaluations Deadline: November 14

Step-By-Step Instructions

Logging In

Log In Here
Enter your APNA username and password.
Remember, this log in is different from the one used for the conference site. Your username is the email address associated with your APNA account. If you are unsure of your password, call APNA at 855-863-2762 or click “Reset Password” and the system will email a link to you (it will come from

You’ll arrive at the Conference Evaluations & Certificates Page in the APNA portal.

Find and click on your personal link to your APNA 37th Annual Conference evaluations and certificate. If you need to, you can also copy the link and paste it into your browser. (Note: If you do not see this link on your page, please contact

Session Evaluations

The evaluations website will open to the Directions page. Please be sure to read this information before entering your evaluation responses. Then click the Continue button.

The Registered Events page will list the APNA 35th Annual Conference and include 3 buttons:

  • Session Evaluation: where you’ll access all of the individual session evaluations
  • Overall Evaluation: where you’ll complete the Overall Conference Evaluation
  • Post Final Credits & Create Certificate: this button will be greyed-out until you have completed the Overall Evaluation.

To evaluate your sessions, start by clicking the Session Evaluation button. (Click the button that says Session Evaluation, not the circle below it.) This will open the list of days that are available for you to evaluate based on your conference registration.

If you believe there is an error in your registration, please contact APNA.

Click on the appropriate day to see a listing of the sessions available to evaluate for each time block.

Locate the session for which you’d like to enter responses by either the session ID # or the title. Click on the Evaluate button next to it.

The evaluation pages look like this.

The learning outcomes are listed within each session evaluation. You’ll also rate the speaker(s) for the session regarding their teaching methods and whether they demonstrated expertise in the content presented. Remember, you can take notes throughout the conference and complete your evaluations at any point before November 14.
The rating scale used for the online evaluations is:
A = Strongly Agree
B = Agree
C = Moderately Agree
D = Moderately Disagree
E = Disagree
F = Strongly Disagree
Be sure to hit Save & Continue at the end or your responses will not be saved. This is very important! Once you hit Save & Continue, you’ll return back to the listing of sessions for that day.
There is an Edit button and a Reset button next to the session you have just evaluated.
The Edit button will take you to the evaluation page to change your saved responses.

The Reset button will clear out all your saved responses and allow you to start over. Use the “Reset” button if you’ve accidentally evaluated the wrong session.


Return to the list of days will take you back to the page where you can access the evaluations for a different day. The poster presentations evaluations are also accessed through this page.

Return to Event Home will take you back to the very beginning so that you can review any of the directions listed there.

Track Your Contact Hours Earned

Once you start completing your session evaluations, the contact hours will appear in several places:
Above the individual time blocks where you evaluated sessions: This will show your contact hours earned for only that time block.
At the top of each session day: This will show your total contact hours earned for the conference and will update as you complete evaluations. Below it you will see your total contact hours for that day.
 Underneath the Event Listing on the home page: This will show your total contact hours earned. Pharmacology contact hours will be listed separately alongside total contact hours. Pharmacology contact hours will be clearly marked on your Certificate as well.

Overall Evaluation

When you are finished entering in all of your session evaluations (including posters), you are ready to complete the Overall Evaluation. You’ll need to either return to the list of days or to the welcome/instructions page in order to reach the Overall Evaluation button. If you’re on the list of days, the Return to Event Home button will get you there.
Then click on the Overall Evaluation Button.

You will see a page that looks like this. Complete the evaluation questions (be sure to include comments!) and then click on the Save & Return to Event Home button.

The Overall Evaluation is required in order to get your Certificate. Please remember to go back into the site and complete this evaluation so that your “Post Final Credits & Create Certificate” button will activate.


Note: If you have gone to the Overall Evaluation page prematurely (you haven’t finished all of your session evaluations), you can click Reset to Last Save to clear out your responses. Then press the back button on your browser.

Getting your Certificate

Once you complete the Overall Evaluation and click on the Return to Registered Events/Create Certificate button, you will be able to access the Post Final Credits & Create Certificate button on the Registered Events page.
BEFORE CLICKING THE BUTTON, CHECK THE CONTACT HOURS LISTED BELOW IT. If the contact hours listed do not look correct, do not press the Post Final Credits & Create Certificate button. Go back into your session evaluations to see where you might be missing something. When you are satisfied with the contact hours listed, click the Post Final Credits & Create Certificate button. View a Summary of Total Contact Hours Available

You will see this page. Again, you can check the contact hours earned – listed at the top right of the page. If they do not look correct, click on Return to Registered Events to go back into your session evaluations. Click on Create Certificate.

Here you will have options to:
Download & Print Certificate – This will open up a pdf of your certificate. You can then save the pdf to your computer, or print it.
Email Your Certificate – This will prompt you to enter in an email address where you’d like to receive the pdf of your Certificate.

Once you create your certificate, the Post Final Credits & Create Certificate button will change into Get 2023 Annual Conference Certificate. You’ll be able to log back into this site for several years after the conference to re-print your certificate if needed.
As a reminder, the evaluations deadline is Tuesday, November 14.

Contact Hours Summary

Contact Hours Breakdown

Up to 19.75 Contact Hours Up to 4 Contact Hours
Up to 4 Contact Hours
Up to 90+ Contact Hours
Evaluations &  certificates on APNA evaluations site by November 14 Evaluations & certificates on APNA evaluations site by November 14 Evaluations & certificates provided
by symposia
Evaluations &
on APNA eLearning Center

Contact Hours Certificates

Registration Type Certificates Contact Hours
Full Conference 5 Certificates
1 certificate for APNA sessions Thurs-Sat + Posters (up to 15.75)
1 certificate for each symposium (up to 4)
Up to 19.75 Total
Contact Hours
Full Conference + Pre-Conferences 5 Certificates
1 certificate for APNA Sessions Wed-Sat + Posters (up to 23.75)

1 certificate for each symposium (up to 4)
Up to 27.25 Total
Contact Hours

Pharmacology Contact Hours

The following sessions may be eligible for pharmacology contact hours:

  • Wednesday Pre-Conference Sessions (Additional Fee):
    • 1012: Practice (2)
    • 1017: Psychopharmacology (2)
    • 1027: Psychopharmacology (1 of 2 total)
    • 1037: Psychopharmacology (2)
    • 1047: Psychopharmacology (2)
  • Thursday Concurrent Sessions:
    • 2011: Treatment Approaches (0.75)
    • 2021: Treatment Approaches (0.5 of 0.75)
  • Friday Concurrent Sessions:
    • 3045: Substance Use (0.75)
    • 3055: Substance Use (0.75)
  • Saturday Concurrent Sessions:
    • 4021: Psychopharmacology Perspectives (0.75)
    • 4031: Psychopharmacology Perspectives (0.75)

Overall Conference Learning Outcomes

This conference program has been developed through a call for abstracts and peer review process informed by the conference theme and learning outcomes below. By the end of the conference, the learner will be able to:

  • Identify strategies to integrate Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, Access, and de-Stigmatization (IDEAS) in mental health and substance use disorder settings.
  • Advance psychiatric-mental health nursing by applying Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, Access, and de-Stigmatization across administration, education, practice, and research