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Passing the Hope to Others

Passing the Hope to Others

Many folks around us are feeling discouraged. Many feel powerless and wish they could do something to help. As psychiatric-mental health nurses, we need to hold on to hope and pass it on to others.

PMH nurses are equipped to help in times of crisis. We know how to effect positive change at times that seem overwhelming. As we improve a process or make a discovery, telling each other enhances our reach to provide hope to those who need it.

Thankfully there is a way to ensure that our efforts are amplified. The APNA Call for Abstracts provides the platform for sharing your research, creative solutions and science-based approaches. By submitting an abstract you empower yourself and your colleagues as you unveil your achievements and let the world in on your know-how.

This year’s APNA Annual Conference will urge us to examine ourselves and what we dream we can become. Abstracts selected for presentation as sessions and posters will leave a lasting record of that vision – what PMH nurses can accomplish. Think of the impact of sharing what you do. With whom might you share hope, education, inspiration and healing? The deadline to submit is March 7, so the time to get started is right now.

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